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I am not radically closed off about certain aspects of my life! I wear casual clothes in uncasual situations. I am creative in an aspirational way. I say I am having a “young-life crisis”. I am in my 30’s & still medaling in the cool guy Olympics; I am into fashion, sports, art, I’m chill, and ambitious enough to be getting a degree soon. I plan on starting my own tech company!
If I could screen-print my life on a shirt it would read out like a Scorsese movie mixed with a middle class upbringing. There is a paradox here with my life with all the incongruities that come along with a “young-life crisis”.
I have a fond affiliation with putting smiles on people’s faces that enjoy having fun!

20 Questions: & My 20 Answers !!!

1.) My heritage/ethnicity: "... Gomoa Fetteh ..."
2.) My body type: "... Sturdy, Ripped, Defined ..."
3.) Number of children I have: "... 0 - None ..."
4.) Number of brothers & sisters I have: "... 2 of each ..."
5.) Best part of my body: "... Abs ..."
6.) If I was an adult entertainer my name would be:"... Mr. Goodwood Chestnut ..."
7.) My favorite position: "... Doggy Style & Spinning Top ..."
8.) Age at which I lost my virginity: "... 14 ..."
9.) My favorite song: "... So Anxious ..."
10.) My favorite movie: "... Love and Basketball ..."
11.) My favorite food: "... Paella with shark, chorizo, mussels ..."
12.) In high school I was: "... a songwriter / jock ..."
13.) Number of tattoos I have: "... 0 ..."
14.) What am I afraid of: "... being alone ..."
15.) Last thing I do before falling asleep: "... pray ..."
16.) Longest I’ve went without pleasure: "... 2 months ..."
17.) I wish that I could: "... unite humanity ..."
18.) My favorite word or phrase: "... peace ..."
19.) If I found $50,000 cash I’d: "... start a tech company ..."
20.) If Immediately Released I would: "... fly to Ambergris Caye Belize ..."


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prison pen pal

Humphries Quaye # 14A2743
Eastern NY Corr. Fac.
Box 338
Napanoch New York 12458-0338


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My Background:

Born: 1980 - Cancer
Conviction: 2nd degree Robbery
Prison Sentence = Entered: 2014 Release: 2027
Born & Raised: Queens & Brooklyn




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