Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

Is it dangerous to write to a prisoner?

Is it Dangerous to write to someone in prison? Well, you cannot go through life afraid of everything... There is Danger in everything that you do; it's dangerous to drive your car because some moron could cross into your lane and hit you head on. It's dangerous to ride on a public bus with 40 complete strangers, anyone of which could be armed with a weapon. It's dangerous to eat that Cheese Burger from McDonald's, prepared by a complete stranger who could have added a "special" ingredient. It is Dangerous to go on a blind date with a person you met on some dating site; Dating sites do not run background checks, dating sites will accept anyone who has the ability to pay. Danger is around every corner. If you want to live a 100% danger free life: stay at home, lock your doors, never leave.

At least with a prison pen pal you have a person's REAL NAME, REAL AGE, and a REAL IDENTITY... Inmates cannot lie about or hide who they really are. On some social network (facebook, twitter, dating sites, etc.) you could be talking to anyone... and if you are a heavy user of facebook, eharmony, match and all those other social networking websites, chances are that you have already had contact with someone that has served time in prison... there is no background check for any social networking web site.

And as far a prison pen pal being released from prison, tracking you down & hurting you in some way... unlikely because prisoners do not like prison & doing something wrong would result in a return trip to prison... Most people who are released from prison will be on Parole or some form of supervision for 2 - 5 years after release. Released Prisoners are assigned officers who will watch the Ex-Prisoner's moves & actions... For the First 6 to 12 months after a prisoner is released from prison a Parole Officer will be on that ex-prisoner's a$$ like white on rice.

Do I have to put my address on the letter to an inmate?

Well, YES, if you would like a response or reply from the inmate. If you do not want an Inmate to have your home address please consider renting a PO Box or UPS Store address... Both are available for only a few bucks a month. Prisons require a Return address on all incoming mail... No return address will result in a rejected letter. Go to the post office and rent a P.O. Box for 6 months ...use one PO Box to write to as many inmates as you like ...use the PO Box for the rest of your mail too, a PO Box is more secure than your average mailbox ...with the rise of identity theft, all of your important mail should be going to a secured P.O. Box anyway's.

How Do I Verify an Inmate's Conviction? requires every inmate to sign an agree stating he/she will not lie about anything within his/her profile; breaking that agreement will result in immediate removal from our site without refund. In other words, if we catch an inmate lying about anything that inmate will be removed and banned from our site. It is very rare for our inmates to lie to us due to our no refund policy upon broken agreement.

Most Inmates do not lie about the conviction that he/she is serving time for. Inmates are aware of how easy it is to research a criminal history so in most cases the inmates do not lie about conviction. A simple web search may tell you everything that you need to know about a particular pen pal. Federal Prisons do not list an inmate's convictions but The FEDS do list release dates and full legal name. You may run a check on any federal Inmate by visiting the official Federal Prison Site:

>> Practice a simple & free background check using the FEDs website:
1.) Lil' Kim (Rapper); her FED prison ID # 56198-054
Copy and paste her ID# on

2.) Martha Stewart (TV Host); her FED prison ID # 55170-054
Copy and paste her ID# on

Most states have Dept. of Corrections websites set up similar to the FEDs; just google the "State" + "DOC" (example: New York DOC) and you should find a site that will allow you to run basic searches on almost any inmate doing time in that state.

* Understand that State & Federal prisons are two separate systems;Fed prisons will not have results for State prisoners & Vice Versa.

Most State prison websites will list the inmate's official conviction. Just "Google" the state where the inmate is serving time (i.e.: Ohio Department of Corrections) ...then look for a link such as "offender search" or "offender information" ...many state prison sites will allow you to run a search on prisoners who are locked up in that specific state... results may include official conviction and release date.

"Google" Charges that you cannot understand:
Battery by Body Waste (IC 35-42-2-6)



How Do I get an Inmate listed on this web site?

Give us the inmate's name, prison ID, and prison's mailing address; we will send the inmate an information pack explaining everything... You can give us his information using our CONTACT Us web page.

What are the rules for sending mail to inmates?

Do not mention criminal activity. Do not discuss open criminal cases or charges. Do not discuss anything that could be used as evidence against you or the inmate. Do not send stamps, Polaroid Pictures, or Cash... to keep it safe, until the inmate indicates what he/she can and cannot receive through the mail your first letter to an inmate should contain only a letter to the inmate inside of an envelope. REMEMBER that your letter will be scanned over by a mail room guard, the guard may not read the entire letter but the guard will spot check the letter to make sure that you and the inmate are not planning any sort of escape or any other illegal activity. Polaroid's will be rejected by most prisons & Stickers will be rejected by most prisons. Pornography and Nudity also will be rejected by most prisons. Incoming letters must have a your return address. Incoming letters must have the inmate's Registration Number... On this website, The registration number is the number that is listed next to the inmate's name (John Doe #85748757). Incoming letters will be screened/read/glanced over by guards.

Are Prisoner addresses Current/Correct?

New Pen Pals, Addresses and Corrections are made on a weekly basis. If an inmate is Moved from one prison to another, the inmate is allowed to update their contact info (mailing address) free of charge.

Can I get an Inmate's Page Removed or Updated?

No. ONLY THE INMATE can request to have his/her page removed or disabled. The inmate must write to us to have his/her page removed or disabled. If there needs to be an update to the inmate's page the inmate must write to us with the update info.

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