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There is no vision but by faith…

prison pen pal

Without truth there can be no understanding! With God all things are possible. For too long I have been tormented by the thought of remaining alone. Just because I am suffering from the consequences of my past mistakes doesn’t mean I am unworthy of happiness. I am in search of my heaven on earth, someone who truly understands the challenges of being in oneness while physically separated. Friendship is a luxury that many cannot afford because it cost too much respect and responsibility. Many in society have a misconception about men in prison! In life opportunities multiply as they are seized. My past doesn’t define who I stand as today! My greatest fear is losing my mother while incarcerated. What I aspire in someone is belief in God, values, and honesty. True beauty arises from within! I have no prejudices. I enjoy writing poetry, reading, and assisting the youth. My approach is sincere. I patiently wait…

20 Questions: & My 20 Answers !!!

1.) My heritage/ethnicity: "... Black ..."
2.) My body type: "... Normal, not muscular ..."
3.) Number of children I have: "... 1 deceased daughter ..."
4.) Number of brothers & sisters I have: "2 older bros & 2 older sisters"
5.) Best part of my body: "... ---------- ..."
6.) If I was an adult entertainer my name would be:"... The Fulfiller ..."
7.) My favorite position: "... reverse cowgirl ..."
8.) Age at which I lost my virginity: "... ---------- ..."
9.) My favorite song: "... Spend my life with you – Eric Benet ..."
10.) My favorite movie: "... Love and Basketball ..."
11.) My favorite food: "... French Fries ..."
12.) In high school I was: "... destined to play Pro Basketball ..."
13.) Number of tattoos I have: "... --- ..."
14.) What am I afraid of: "... ---------- ..."
15.) Last thing I do before falling asleep: "... look at Mom’s pictures ..."
16.) Longest I’ve went without pleasure: "... 23 years and counting ..."
17.) I wish that I could: "... bring more peace to the world ..."
18.) My favorite word or phrase: "... truth needs no support ..."
19.) If I found $50,000 cash I’d: "... keep it secret, then invest ..."
20.) If Immediately Released I would: "... Go to my Mother first ..."


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prison pen pal

Raqueb Wallace #242-710
18601 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown MD 21746


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My Background:

Born: 1971
Conviction: Kidnapping, use of handgun
Prison Sentence = Entered: ---  Release: 2019
Born & Raised: Washington DC




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