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Stop! Your search is over! Yes, I am the one you have been looking for. I am Wilfredo; 6ft tall, light skinned, bald head, & I weigh 185 pounds.
I am looking for someone to engage in stimulating conversations and thought; someone who will accept me as the man I am today. My ideal woman is 25+ over who is emotionally and mentally secure, smart, intelligent, and confident.
I am a huge sports fan. If you can contribute to these qualities, not be judgmental, then I would really like to be your friend.
- Wilfredo


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prison pen pal

Perez Wilfredo # 02A4300
Green Haven C.F.
PO Box 4000
Stormville New York 12582-4000


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My Background:

Born: 1978 Sagittarius
Conviction: Homicide
Prison Sentence = Entered: 2000  Release: 2025
Born & Raised: Moca Dom. Republic




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