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Fate brought you here because it is destiny that whatever you are looking for in your life can be found within my profile by you writing me.
My name is Wilson Rodriguez. I am 43 years old and the youngest of 4 children. I love the smallest and simplest things in life, such as watching stars at night or walking in the rain. I am open-minded, nonjudgmental, honest, friendly and of good nature. I have pure and positive energy to go with my kindness, respect and contagious optimism. I enjoy cooking, reading, learning, studying, working out, jogging, listening to music, sports and helping others.
I was arrested in 1992 as an 18 year old with the education of a 4th grader. Upon your reply I will provide you with the details of my convictions. Over the 2 decades of my incarceration I have done a lot of introspection. I have been transformed by many rehabilitation programs, courses, studies and an education. Within my life’s transformation journey I have obtained 50 education credits, 60 certifications and I have written an in-depth proposal.
I am looking for a woman who enjoys stimulating conversations that helps arouse the creativity and awareness in what we share through our thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. A woman who is not afraid to exchange with me all daily situations that makes her feel doubtful about her life’s journey and understands that  it is these exchanges that will allow us to reach full potential within our friendship.
Loneliness hurts. Me and you should have someone who is a part of our lives to share the beautiful and ugly things in life. Write to me for we no longer deserve to be lonely. Share your uniqueness and specialness with me – your gifts…

20 Questions: & My 20 Answers !!!

1.) My heritage/ethnicity: "... Puerto Rican ..."
2.) My body type: "... Athletic ..."
3.) Number of children I have: "... 0 ..."
4.) Number of brothers & sisters I have: "... 3 ..."
5.) Best part of my body: "... my mouth ..."
6.) If I was an adult entertainer my name would be:"... Moisturizing Pleasures ..."
7.) My favorite position: "... her 69, double orgasms ..."
8.) Age at which I lost my virginity: "... 11 ..."
9.) My favorite song: "... anything romantic ..."
10.) My favorite movie: "... Notebook ..."
11.) My favorite food: "... sea food, yummy ..."
12.) In high school I was: "... a fool ..."
13.) Number of tattoos I have: "... 0 ..."
14.) What am I afraid of: "... dying without real love ..."
15.) Last thing I do before falling asleep: "... pray, brush teeth ..."
16.) Longest I’ve went without pleasure: "... a week ..."
17.) I wish that I could: "... fly ..."
18.) My favorite word or phrase: "... risk nothing, have nothing ..."
19.) If I found $50,000 cash I’d: "... try to find owner ..."
20.) If Immediately Released I would: "... go to Mom’s Burial site ..."


Contact Me (Mail Address):

prison pen pal

Wilson Rodriguez 94A5350
Otisville C.F.
PO Box 8
Otisville New York 10963


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My Background:

Born: 1973
Conviction: Murder & Weapon Possession 2nd Degree
Prison Sentence = Entered: 1994 Release: 11-2018
Born & Raised: New York




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